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Willem Alexander inauguration bags collection

This durable bags collection is made from mesh and bisonyl cloths designed by Koeweiden Postma, during the inauguration of King Willem Alexander in 2013, several iconic buildings (A'DAM tower, roof CS and Hive) graced the city.
The collection consists of 13 different models (from beach bag to card-holder, wash and Postman). All items are all handmade by the employees of the sewing workshop of Pantar in Amsterdam under supervision of the talented designers, Marie Jose Breakers (Hammers on size) and Anne Jongh (Jongh Label). This makes the design, manufacture and sell a full  Amsterdam product.


Pantar is the largest job-learning company for the Amsterdam region. Pantar provides work and counseling to more than 3,000 residents of Amsterdam and Diemen. These are people from the labor market. For example because they have a physical, mental or psychological disability. Or problems have (had) or have been addicted. Whatever the reason is, in Pantar they believe that everyone has value and can work.

Pantar has years of experience in guiding employees with employers, taking into account their capabilities. While working employees are encouraged to develop themselves. They get the training and education they need.

Pantar works in and around Amsterdam and Diemen in many different companies and organizations. As in Aalsmeer, where a group of employees sticking cuttings and cut. Pantar employees maintained for example the open areas, deliver mail on IJburg and boxes filled with supermarkets. Also, Pantar own services including transport, a bicycle department and the sewing workshop in Amsterdam North, where this collection is manufactured.




Your bag is custom made for you by our colleagues at Pantar when you place the order. Delivery times vary from 4-6 weeks because the bags are made one by one by hand. This is the complete story behind this special collection, and this makes your bag completely unique!